Business interpreting

Business Interpreting

business interpreting

Business interpreting, also known as liaison interpreting, is very similar to consecutive interpreting. The main difference is that, unlike consecutive interpreting, in business interpreting the speaker uses short sentences. This means that he or she must take frequent pauses in order to allow liaison interpreters to provide their interpretation.

This type of interpretation does not imply any need for specialized interpretation equipment. Usually the interpreter sits next to the speaker and, since speaking turns are quite short, he or she manages to efficiently convey the core message with no need of taking notes.

Liaison interpreting is mainly used for small groups of people (e.g. a business meeting between two executives or a one-on-one interview). It is advisable to use this type of interpretation for groups of no more than five or six people. For groups of more than six and up to twenty people, it’s better to use simultaneous interpretation services with either conference equipment or portable equipment.

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