Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Are you looking for Arabic to English interpreters or simultaneous interpreting in other languages? In simultaneous interpretation the interpreter, who works from a soundproof booth, hears the speaker’s speech through headphones. He or she interprets the speech into a target language through the interpreter’s microphone in real time – with a delay of very few seconds. The audience can hear the interpretation via headsets connected to wireless receivers – in the case of multilingual events with several interpreters, the audience can select from the receiver the channel of the language in which they want to hear the interpretation.

When interpreting simultaneously, the interpreter works in a soundproof booth with at least one colleague. International standards require booking at least two interpreters for interpretation booth for a full workday. Exceptions may depend on the characteristics of an event – for example, when it lasts less than two hours or when there are frequent breaks.

This type of interpretation is ideal for conferences, workshops and any other event where the audience require instant interpretation into a target language.

We offer simultaneous interpretation services in a wide range of language combinations and, besides highly qualified interpreters, we can also provide all the technical simultaneous interpreting equipment needed (both conference equipment and portable equipment).
Our interpreting services are available for every industry: from Arabic medical interpreters, to business interpreting, technical interpreting, and many more.