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Reliable Simultaneous Translation Equipment Rental

Reliable Simultaneous Translation Equipment Rental

Deliver Successful Multilingual Conferences and Meetings

The success of a multilingual conference or business meeting relies heavily on the technical equipment used.

Providing Top-Quality Conference Equipment

We partner with Bosch, the world leader in interpretation systems, to offer our own full conference equipment. Our interpreting equipment ensures exceptional audio quality, allowing every participant to hear clearly. Our specialized technicians take care of the setup and operation of the equipment during your event, guaranteeing flawless results regardless of the event’s size.

Our Interpreting Systems Features

Bosch conference systems

Key Features of Our Interpreting Systems

  • Bosch conference systems delivering outstanding sound quality:
– Signal/noise ratio of more than 80 dB. – Gold-plated headphone connectors.
  • Guaranteed privacy with the use of infrared radiation that cannot pass through solid structures like walls and ceilings.
  • No interference between separate sessions in conference venues with multiple rooms.
  • Wireless multi-track audio solutions:
–  Systems can be permanently installed or easily assembled and removed for temporary events. – Infrared technology allows delegates to be wirelessly connected to the interpretation system.
  • Modern and ergonomic design:
–  Pocket-sized receivers that are easy to transport. –  Ergonomic buttons positioned for easy use.
  • Up to 32 audio channels:
–  One channel for the original speech and up to 31 channels for interpretations in foreign languages. –  Receiver screens only display available channels, eliminating the need to scroll through empty channels. –  Up to eight channels dedicated to various applications, such as multimedia presentations and music. Make your multilingual events seamless and effective with our reliable simultaneous translation equipment rental services. Contact us today to ensure top-notch audio quality and smooth interpretation experiences for all participants.

Unlock Global Opportunities with Professional Interpreting Services

In today’s interconnected world, clear communication is the cornerstone of success. Our interpreting services bridge language barriers, opening doors to new markets and endless possibilities. Whether it’s for conferences, business meetings, or legal consultations, our expert interpreters ensure your message is heard and understood. Experience seamless international communication with our interpreting services – where every word counts.