Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

The success of multilingual communication at international conferences and business meetings largely depends on the use of standardized technical equipment.

We have partnered with Bosch, a world leader in engineering and electronics who provides us with the best and most technologically advanced audio solutions for interpretation equipment.

Conference Interpreting Systems

When it comes to interpretation systems, Bosch is no doubt a benchmark. There are several Bosch conference systems available, which have been specifically designed for different types of events, from large international conferences to smaller multilingual meetings. These interpretation systems are highly flexible and offer exceptional audio quality, no matter what the size of the event is.

The basic BOSCH Interpreting system includes:

  • CCU – Central Control Unit by Bosch Germany
  • DNC – Transmitter by Bosch Germany
  • Interpretation Desk (i-desk) by Bosch Germany
  • Infrared radiator by Bosch Germany
  • Headphones and wireless receivers by Bosch Germany
  • Interpretation booths by Audipack and Multi-caisses


Why we choose BOSCH

Modern and ergonomic design

  • Receivers are pocket-sized and easily transportable
  • Buttons are ergonomic and their position makes them easy to use

32 audio channels

  • Up to 32 channels (one for the original speech and up to 31 for interpretations in as many foreign languages)
  • Only available channels are displayed on receiver screens, so the target audience don’t have to waste time scrolling through empty channels before finding their desired language
  • Availability of up to eight channels for different types of applications, for instance multimedia presentations and music distribution


Outstanding sound quality

  • Signal/noise ratio of more than 80 dB
  • Gold-plated headphone connectors

Guaranteed privacy

  • Infrared radiation used by conference systems cannot pass through solid structures, such as walls and ceilings
  • No interference occurs between separate sessions in conference venues with multiple rooms

Wireless multi-track audio solutions

  • Systems can be installed permanently or, in the case of temporary events, they can be easily assembled and removed
  • Thanks to infrared technology, delegates don’t have to be physically connected to the interpretation system and can move freely during conference sessions


Why interpreters must work in pairs


Recent studies indicate that simultaneous interpretation is an extremely demanding cognitive task for the human brain, which is not naturally designed to speak and listen at the same time. This is why simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs (or in teams of three for workdays exceeding 8 hours), taking turns of about 20-30 minutes each. Professional bodies and international associations commonly accept this standard rule.

Beware of any translation company offering a single interpreter for an entire workday. This bad practice will compromise the accuracy and faithfulness of the final message.


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