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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Dubai and Across the Gulf Region

Simultaneous Interpreting

Professional Interpreters for Multilingual Events and Industries

If you need real-time interpretation from Arabic, English, or any other language, simultaneous interpreting is the ideal solution.

Our interpreters work on-site from soundproof booths and listen to the speaker’s speech through headphones. They interpret the speech into the target language, using a microphone to provide real-time or minimally delayed interpretation. The audience can hear the interpretation through wireless receivers connected to their headsets.

For multilingual events with multiple interpreters, the audience has the option to select the desired channel and language. Our simultaneous interpreters work in soundproof booths, usually with at least one colleague. In most cases, simultaneous interpretation requires a minimum of two interpreters per booth for a full day of work.

At LangPros, we offer interpretation services in a wide range of languages. We also provide all the necessary technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting, including conference equipment and portable systems.

We specialize in providing interpretation services for various industries, including medical, business, technical, and more.


Unlock Global Opportunities with Professional Interpreting Services

In today’s interconnected world, clear communication is the cornerstone of success. Our interpreting services bridge language barriers, opening doors to new markets and endless possibilities. Whether it’s for conferences, business meetings, or legal consultations, our expert interpreters ensure your message is heard and understood. Experience seamless international communication with our interpreting services – where every word counts.