Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is the latest interpreting technology, which is revolutionizing the world of interpreting. It is to be considered the best solution for simultaneous interpretation at conferences and web meeting in which several foreign languages are spoken. Powered by a cloud-based platform, RSI manages to combine high quality with considerable time and money savings when compared to traditional simultaneous interpretation.

How Does Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Work?

The main difference between remote simultaneous interpretation and traditional simultaneous interpretation is that interpreters are not present at an event venue but they work from a different location (a translation office, or even their own home). This is possible through an interface that allows them to see and hear the event exactly as if they were in the room and, at the same time, streams their interpretation in real time to the target audience. Attendants can listen to the interpretation through a web application that can be easily downloaded on an electronic device of their choice (either a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone).

Our remote simultaneous interpretation services offer many advantages:

  • costs cut by over 50%;
  • possibility for working with the best interpreters worldwide with no geographical constraint;
  • outstanding simultaneous interpretation services, with clear sound and high quality live video streaming;
  • no limit to languages availability (also for rare languages);
  • pre-event management and 24/7 technical support;
  • easy to use both for organizers and the target audience;
  • utmost confidentiality and network security;
  • sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint.

When To Use Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


Remote simultaneous interpretation is suitable for events of any size − ranging from large conferences to small and medium-sized events −, in any languageanytime and anywhere − also difficult-to-reach locations or small locations where there is not enough space for interpretation booths.

The main event types in which remote simultaneous interpretation should be used are:

  • conferences;
  • seminars and workshops;
  • board and executive committee meetings;
  • panel discussions;
  • press conferences;
  • small meetings;
  • guided tours.

Our Remote Simultaneous Interpreters


All of our RSI interpreters have specialist academic qualifications and at least three years of experience in simultaneous interpretation. They also possess consummate IT skills enabling them to work remotely through a cloud-based platform. Moreover, they are specialized in many different fields.

Our interpreters’ main fields of expertise are:

  • legal;
  • medical;
  • economic;
  • business;
  • financial;
  • engineering;
  • industrial;
  • academic.

Remote simultaneous interpretation is quickly becoming the new normal and revolutionizing the interpretation industry. Its capacity for cost reduction and user experience improvement is evident to all. Have a look at what our interpretation technology can do for you.