Why should I use Remote Simultaneous Interpretation?

First of all, the use of remote simultaneous interpretation results in substantial savings. It will allow you to cut costs by over 50%. For instance, at the General Assembly of International Equestrian Association, held in Tokyo at the end of November 2016, the RSI solution managed to halve costs. Such savings are possible thanks to the fact that interpreters do not have to fly to the country of the event, so organizers do not have to pay for their travel and accommodation. Moreover, with remote simultaneous interpretation no expensive on-site interpretation equipment is needed − however, hybrid RSI solutions are also available if you prefer to work with traditional interpretation equipment. The only technical requirement is an Internet line at the event. We take care of the rest.

Secondly, our RSI services display high quality. We work with language specialists who have qualifications and experience in all technical fields and advanced IT skills enabling them to work through a cloud-based platform from a remote location (either their translation office or even their home). Their simultaneous interpretation is streamed to the target audience with clear sound and high quality live video streaming. We also provide pre-event management and 24/7 technical support in order to monitor the quality of our interpretation service and assure you immediate customer service if you needed it.

Moreover, the RSI solution is easy to use both for organizers and the target audience. As for the first ones, remote simultaneous interpretation facilitates the management of events that require interpretation services. In fact, with RSI there is no limit to the number of foreign languages that can be added, even at short notice, and there is no need for interpretation equipment and interpreters’ travel and accommodation management. As for the latter, with RSI participants use either an application that can be easily downloaded on an electronic device of their choice or traditional headsets.

Remote simultaneous interpretation is also extremely adaptable, indeed it is suitable for any event, anytime, anywhere, for any number of foreign languages and any size of target audience (large, medium-sized or small).

In addition, remote simultaneous interpretation guarantees security and confidentiality thanks to the use of encryption for communication streams, dedicated servers, separate cloud-based sessions for each event, and NDAs signed by all of our interpreters and staff members.

Lastly, remote simultaneous interpretation is eco-friendly. It protects the environment by reducing your carbon footprint as well as the pollution generated by travelling.

For all these reasons, you should be left with no doubt regarding the convenience of remote simultaneous interpretation for your event!