Our network of professional interpreters includes experts in over one hundred foreign languages and in different types of technical fields (legal, medical, marketing and advertising etc.). Thanks to their extensive experience and exceptional competence, no doubt they will manage to satisfy all of your language requirements.

Our network comprises, among others:

  • English interpreters and translators
  • Arabic interpreters and translators
  • Russian interpreters and translators
  • German interpreters and translators
  • French interpreters and translators
  • Spanish interpreters and translators
  • Chinese interpreters and translators
  • Farsi interpreters and translators
  • Hindi interpreters and translators
  • Portuguese interpreters and translators
  • Korean interpreters and translators
  • Japanese interpreters and translators


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  • Active and passive languages
    Interpreters distinguish between active and passive languages:
  • Active is the language he or she speaks, which the target audience can listen to;
  • Passive is the language he or she understands, which is spoken by the speakers.


Different types of working languages

Interpreters usually have three types of working languages:

  • A language: the mother tongue (or its strict equivalent). This is obviously an active language for the interpreter.
  • B language: language in which the interpreter is perfectly fluent, but not a mother tongue. This is also considered an active language.
  • C language: language that the interpreter understands perfectly. He or she usually interprets from this/these language(s) into his or her active ones. It is therefore a passive language for the interpreter.

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