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Other Types of Interpretation

Other Types of Interpretation

Other Types of Interpretation

Business, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation are just some of the existing services to translate a speech. 

Here is a list of the most used interpreting solutions.

Whispering Interpreting or Chuchotage

The interpreter stands or sits immediately next to a single listener and provides the interpretation in a low-volume voice

Relay or Indirect Interpreting

This service requires the interpreter to convert a speech into a “bridge language”. The speech will then be translated by other interpreters attending a multilingual event. For example, an interpreter may interpret from Spanish to English, and an English-speaking audience may translate the same speech into another target language.

Conference Interpretation

Conference interpretation consists in delivering a message into a foreign language at international conferences, workshops and seminars, and bilateral or multilateral political meetings. Typically, this service is carried  simultaneously .

Escort Interpreting or Travel Interpreting

In this type of consecutive interpreting, the interpreter accompanies an individual client or a small delegation to various events, such as client visits, sightseeing, and business trips. 

In such a scenario it is not uncommon for the interpreter to handle small tasks such as ordering food at a restaurant, but also important transactions such as helping close a deal.

Community Interpreting

Community interpreting aims to overcome language barriers between public services and foreign communities, for example immigrants or refugees. This kind of interpretation plays a crucial role in public services such as social security, family assistance and health care.

Medical Interpreting

Medical interpreting allows effective communication in healthcare settings. For instance, a patient abroad may need a real time translation of their medical check-up. Medical interpreters also act as mediators for people who, regardless of the language, are unfamiliar with medical terminology.

Media Interpreting

This service is common in the live television coverage of events such as press conferences and interviews with VIPs. The simultaneous interpreter typically works from a soundproof booth, translating the speeches in real time.

Video Sign Language Interpreting

Video sign language interpreting is of utmost importance when the audience is composed of one or more deaf individuals. 

It allows the delivery of the core message of a speech thanks to a sign language interpreter working remotely via laptop or tablet. It is the best solution when sign language interpreters are not available locally.

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