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Interpreting services
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 Business meetings


 Press conferences

If you are in the market for interpreting services to translate your event, conference, seminar, or press release, you will need to find a reliable interpreting services supplier. 

Simultaneous interpreting service providers are specialized professionals and companies that can help you convey your message in real time. This can be done in different ways according to the setting, venue, and public. The specific features of the interpreting services you may choose for your project will depend on the type of event, the size of the audience, and the duration of each speech.

Consecutive interpreters start to translate when the speaker has finished, or after a few sentences. These professionals retain information using dedicated note-taking techniques, so that they can memorize the content of speeches for up to around 20 minutes. Consecutive interpreting services do not require specialized equipment, and they are suitable for smaller meetings and events. This interpreting mode can be very effective and cost-efficient, but, on the other hand, it virtually doubles the duration of you event, as the speaker will need to periodically pause and let the interpreter translate. 

consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting services are best suited for:

 Shorter events

 Events in no more than 2 languages

 Press conferences


Simultaneous interpreters translate at the same time as the person giving the speech. They work from sound-proof booths, from where they can have a clear view of the speaker. Audiences listen to the translation via wireless receivers. This is the ideal solution for larger events and multi-day events. Moreover, simultaneous interpreting services can accommodate for multi-language translations, offering different options to the audience, who can select their preferred language channel from the provided infrared receiver or directly on their smartphone. 

You should choose simultaneous
interpreting services for:

Large, multi-day events

Multilingual events (up to 40 language channels)

Suitable venues for equipment installation

Equipment for specialized interpreting services is crucial for the success of the translation. This is why we own our own state-of-the-art Bosch interpreting equipment, along with on-site set up and technical support throughout the event. For larger events, our team of technicians will take care of the installation of the booths, infrared transmitters, mixers, and receivers, to ensure a seamless experience to the attendees. Portable options are also available for, smaller, more dynamic events, such as guided visits or business meetings.

Equipment for specialized interpreting services

Compatible with in-person, remote, and hybrid interpreting

High-quality stream to the attendee’s headset

Portable options are available

Sound System Solutions

Premier video and audio streaming services



Handheld Microphones

Podium Microphones

Lapel Microphones

Versatile Streaming Platforms

Cutting-Edge Software

Professional Technicians

Customizable Solutions

Interactive Features

Premier video and audio streaming services

With more than ten years of experience, we offer the best interpreting services for any kind of event, live or online. Our solutions are all encompassing: our Project Managers coordinate the resources and assets to ensure the success of your event, be it on-site, online, or hybrid. 

Nowadays, many organizations moved their conferences, meetings, and seminars online. Remote Simultaneous Interpreting and Hybrid Interpretation Services enable translation during online and hybrid events. Such solutions come with numerous other benefits in terms of safety, cost savings, and environmental impact. Remote interpreting services connect you with the best professionals working from all over the world, saving on travel and accommodation costs and giving you a wider choice of languages to translate into. 

Many clients ask us how to find the perfect interpreter for their business meeting or multilingual event. If you are looking for a suitable interpreting services provider, perfect command of two or more languages is a prerequisite. However, it is far from enough, as speaking as you listen is only mastered through years of practice. Moreover, interpreters need to specialize in certain fields to have a solid grasp of terminology. This is also why it is good practice to share any available documents or collaterals related to the event in advance with the interpreter, so that they can study them and have a firm grasp of the topics that will be discussed in the speeches. 

What should interpreting services providers guarantee?

Specialized professionals

Tech support

Customized solutions for your event

At Langpros, we rely on an international network of specialized professionals working in over 100 languages, to ensure you get the right interpreter for your event. Contact our experts today to find the interpreting services solution that is best suited to your specific needs and audience, and we will provide a free, detailed quotation for your project. 


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