Professional interpreter services

Interpreting means translating a speech from one language into another, either simultaneously or consecutively.

Consecutive interpreters start to translate when the speaker has finished, or after a few sentences. Consecutive interpreting does not need specialized equipment, and it is suitable for smaller meetings and events.

Simultaneous interpreters translate at the same time as the person giving the speech. They work from sound-proof booths, from where they can have a clear view of the speaker. Audiences listen to the translation via wireless receivers.

Specialized interpreting equipment is crucial for the success of the translation. This is why we own our own state-of-the-art interpreting equipment, along with on-site set up and technical support throughout the event.

With more than ten years of experience, we offer the best language solutions for any kind of event, live or online. Our solutions are all encompassing: our Project Managers coordinate the resources and assets to ensure the success of your event.

Nowadays, many organizations moved their conferences, meetings, and seminars online. Remote Simultaneous Interpreting and Hybrid Interpretation Services enable translation during online and hybrid events. Such solutions come with numerous other benefits in terms of safety, cost savings, and environmental impact.

For a professional interpreter, perfect command of two or more languages is a prerequisite. However, it is far from enough, as speaking as you listen is only mastered through years of practice.  Moreover, interpreters need to specialize in certain fields to have a solid grasp of terminology. We rely on an international network of specialized professionals, to ensure you get the right interpreter for your event.

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