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Hybrid Interpretation

At the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations across the globe have had to find efficient solutions to carry on doing meetings and events, and many international conferences have moved online. In many cases, a hybrid model has been adopted: some of the participants attend from the venue, while the majority follows the conversation from home.

Hybrid interpretation is the solution for such scenarios. Real-time interpreting happens at the event. Participants select and follow the interpretation via an app on their device. The same techonological set-up enables people who are not in the room to follow remotely, via a seamless technical integration.

Hybrid bridges the gap between traditional simultaneous interpreting and remote interpreting. It ensures the best quality, while reducing part of the travel and logistics costs. The audience, who follows the live translation from their mobile devices, enjoys a familiar and friendly user experience. As such, it is a viable solution for many different types of events.