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Conference Equipment

LangPros provides full conference equipment plus the assistance of specialized technicians in charge of set-ups and support during your event.

Take a look at the components of our conference equipment set:

CCU – Central Control Unit by Bosch Germany

The Central Control Unit (CCU) is an advanced tool for conference management and monitoring. It is paired with a PC and used to control delegate microphones, distribute simultaneous interpretation, and conduct voting sessions without human intervention. In the event of PC failure, the unit will switch to its stand-alone operation mode, enabling the conference to continue.

DNC – Transmitter by Bosch Germany

The transmitter is at the core of the interpretation system. It works with analogue or digital input, modulating the signals onto waves and transmitting them to radiators. The best use of DNC technology is for international conferences requiring the highest standards.

Interpretation Desk (i-desk) by Bosch Germany

The interpreter desk includes seven channels (six language channels plus the channel of the original speech), and is connected to interpreters’ headphones. Usually,  each of the professionalshas a desk to work with a specific language combination.

Infrared Radiator by Bosch Germany

Infrared radiators broadcast signals throughout the conference venue. This  way, they allow participants to listen to the conference proceedings by a personal receiver.

Interpretation booths

Interpretation booths provide sound insulation, allowing simultaneous interpreters to perform their job without interfering noises. They are placed in specific locations that  enable a clear view of the speaker and of the event. Interpretation booths are equipped with a work surface, quiet ventilation, lighting and electricity. Moreover, they are easy to assemble and disassemble

Our trained technicians will manage the installation and technical assistance during the event. 

If it is not possible to install interpretation booths at the conference venue, LangPros offers remote simultaneous interpretation services.

In that case, we will set up the booths remotely , with video monitors to allow the interpreters to see the speaker.

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