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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is a revolutionary interpreting technology powered by a cloud-based platform. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation can be used at multilingual conferences and web meeting of any size, ranging from small workshops to large international conferences. RSI combines high quality with notable time and money savings when compared to on-site simultaneous interpretation.

The main difference between this two types of interpretation is that in RSI interpreters are not present at an event but they work remotely. This is possible thanks to an interface that allows them to see and hear the event as if they were present. At the same time, their interpretation is streamed in real time to the target audience, who listen it through a web application installed on their laptops or smartphones.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is quickly becoming the new normal thanks to its capacity for cost reduction and user experience improvement. Take a look at what our interpretation state-of-the-art technology can do for you.