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How COVID-19 and the latest technological advancements changed the interpreting industry, May 18, 2020

With the current crisis that we are facing, the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm, most of us wonder, how are we going to be able to push through?

As we adapt to the safety measures in place such as social distancing and stay at home initiatives, our daily lives, and the way we work are inevitably bound to change. Hence, the latest technological developments have played a huge role in helping us adapt to these drastic changes. A great example of this is remote working, remote meetings, and remote conferences.

In the article Digital Developments in Translation and Interpreting, Matteo Ippoliti, the founder and CEO of Langpros – The Language Professionals, sat down with Techplugged to discuss the effects and the help of the latest developments in technology on the translation and interpreting industry, especially in this challenging times.

Ippoliti went on to discuss how the interpreting industry has also begun adapting to these measures through Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI).

The CEO also talked about the newly developed interpreting platform- SmartlangPro which is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This application enables every client from around the world access to over 5000 interpreters and to over 200 languages.

The founder of Langpros also discussed the impact that digital developments have on translation through Computer-assisted translation and how the industry benefits from it.

Discover all the latest developments in the translation and interpreting industry in the article!

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Gulf news, February 22, 2020

Gulf News’ Editor Malavika Kamaraju explores the implications of Artificial Intelligence for the translation industry.

We know that new technologies dramatically changed the way we approach languages.

Tech companies are also issuing translating earpieces, as well as automatic scanning and translation of signs, menus and other text through smartphones.

In this evolving landscape, how are translation companies implement new technologies? Is AI going to make human translators obsolete?

Langpros’ CEO Matteo Ippoliti spoke about these issues in the interview.

Language service providers and tech companies alike are investing and implementing in Neural Machine Translation. However, even if AI-driven technologies can learn and improve with time, human review is still necessary.

Moreover, AI still can’t quite grasp more complex texts using more abstract language or more elaborate style, such as comedy, sarcasm, or poetry. In fact, in order to get high-quality translations, linguists need to be culturally aware and capture every nuance of the source text, conveying them in the translation.

While AI is still not advanced enough to substitute the role of human translators, this does not mean that the situation will remain the same forever. However, AI’s capability of understanding human emotions will not be limited to revolutionizing the translation industry, but it could affect the entire mankind.

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Evolving Translations


Communicate online column, 13 February 2020

Cultural diversity has always been the strength of the United Arab Emirates. This cultural richness led to wealth and prosperity through integration and cultural assimilation. Today the UAE is a landmark for international tourists and expats. 

In this column, Langpros’ General Manager and simultaneous interpreter Matteo Ippoliti analyses the composition of the UAE population to present this mosaic of languages and cultures.

In order to communicate effectively and break language barriers, the UAE society needs effective and efficient translation services to enable multilingual and multicultural dialogue. This is why good translators take into consideration both the language and cultural aspects of their work.

While Artificial Intelligence is being used more and more intensively by the translation industry, its implementation is still useless when dealing with unique cultural expressions and idioms that do not always have a literal translation.

The column reports interesting facts about the world of translation, as well as the challenges of the industry, the role of transcreation, and the importance of enabling communication and transmitting cultural heritage with high-quality translations.

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communicate-the power of language


Communicate online, 3 December 2019

The interview, given by Matteo Ippoliti to journalist Arjun Rk, explores the potential of languages, and how they shape the way we experience our life.

The article revisits the technological innovations in the translation industry in the last 20 years, from Computer-Assisted translation tools to machine translation, giving interesting insights into the future of this business and its automatization. According to the final destination of the translation, machine translation has different applications.

Ippoliti underlines that language is much more than mere words, as it has a great impact on how we think and perceive the world from a cognitive, philosophical, and cultural standpoint. For instance, sociocultural development introduces new words and innovates our everyday language. Many of the social and political changes we witness are reflected in the language of today’s society.

Every culture has its peculiarities, such as the great variety of Italian names for pasta. It is important to preserve this cultural diversity, and this is why using solely English can be limiting. The article explores the considerations around language and identity shared by Langpros’ GM Matteo Ippoliti.

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Gulf News, 29 August 2019 – page 6

In February 2019, Pope Francis visited the UAE for the first time. This historic event culminated in the document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together, a universal message for peace, tolerance, and cooperation.

Langpros was given the chance to interpret and translate for this historic moment: we provided the English translation of the book dedicated to the Pope’s visit and Italian, English, and Spanish simultaneous interpreting services for the event.

Dubai translator of Fraternity Document humbled” by Sharmila Dhal on the 6th page of Gulf News of 29 August 2019 is the article dedicated to this experience, where Matteo Ippoliti recollects the emotion of helping spread the message of the Holy Father.

The UAE dedicated the year 2019 to “tolerance”, opening up to cultural diversity and international dialogue. The Pope’s visit was the highest point of the campaign, where the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmad Al Tayyeb and the Authorities of the United Arab Emirates welcomed the Head of the Catholic Church. Thousands attended the event and the Pope’s Holy Mass.

The translation and interpreting tasks required high levels of competence and expertise, which the Langpros team provided with enthusiasm.

We felt humbled”, as Matteo Ippoliti said, as the event was historical, but this success comes after a constant effort towards excellence.

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Khaleej Times


Khaleej Times, 16 April 2019 – Special Issue “Shaping the Future” – page 27

The UAE is, for many expats coming from abroad, the “Land of Opportunity”, thanks to its multiculturalism and lively economy. This environment encourages people from all over the world to associate and thrive in this global hub.

In the special issue “Shaping the future” of the Khaleej Times, Sandhya D’ Mello illustrates some of the UAE’s business leaders, such as Present and CEO of Dubai Chamber and the Vice President of Internal Participant of the upcoming Expo 2020 that will be hosted by the UAE in Dubai.

All of these businessmen share the same vision and opinion on the UAE, choosing this country as the center for their business activities. Encouraging tolerance and multiculturalism, as well as innovation and hard work, are the common traits of successful firms.

Langpros’ General Manager Matteo Ippoliti embraces this vision every day through his work, providing high-quality translation and interpreting services in over 100 languages.

Presented on the magazine as one of the leading language agencies in the region, Langpros is accredited by local and global organizations, such as the UAE Ministry of Justice and the Italian Embassy. The firm’s ambition and values are promoting international dialogue for a brighter future.

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