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Our simultaneous interpreters

Simultaneous interpretation involves interpreting in real time an oral speech. You may have seen an interpreter sitting in a soundproof booth wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone at a conference or diplomatic meeting. Simultaneous interpreters need to understand an oral speech in one language and immediately translate it into a foreign language. In simultaneous interpretation speakers do not have to stop in order to allow interpreters to do their work (unlike consecutive interpreting), and this implies considerable time savings. However, simultaneous interpretation usually turns out to be quite expensive because it requires specific interpretation equipment (namely soundproof booths and headsets).

Remote simultaneous interpretation manages to cut costs not only because it does not require expensive interpretation equipment (either soundproof booths or headsets) but also because it allows to save on travel and accommodation expenses for on-site interpreters. It is easy to understand that flying an interpreter to a foreign country and paying for the hotel would be a costly affair. Instead, with RSI interpreters do not have to travel and they can work either from a translation office or even from their home.

During a conference or web meeting, RSI interpreters see and hear the event through a computer interface. Their interpretation is streamed to the target audience, who use an application that can be easily downloaded and installed on any electronic device (smartphones, tablets or laptops). It’s exactly as if interpreters were physically attending the event, with guaranteed high quality. At events in which several foreign languages are spoken, remote interpreters can work in parallel with on-site counterparts.

With remote simultaneous interpretation there is virtually no limit to languages availability. You can get the best professionals also for rare languages such as, among others, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, German, and Portuguese.

All of our RSI interpreters have specialist academic qualifications and at least three years of experience in simultaneous interpretation. Moreover, they possess consummate IT skills enabling them to work remotely through a cloud-based platform.

Our network of professionals comprises interpreters from all over the world who are specialized in many different fields. Depending on the topic of a conference or web meeting, we carefully select the most suitable interpreter on the basis of his or her experience and specialization.

In particular, our interpreters’ main fields of expertise are:

  • legal;
  • medical;
  • economic;
  • business;
  • financial;
  • engineering;
  • industrial;
  • academic

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